tajmahal H & I went to India.

We went to Istanbul first. In probably one of the oldest mall and then out. We ate corn on the cob and then drank turkish coffee. Ayub, our driver, of the accidental mercedes bus we hired – sat waiting. Next to Collin’s he repeated.

We went back to the airport somehow. It didn’t seem like we were moving. Asia on the other side of the water – we watched the boats. The marina. And then Bombay. The maximum city.  We drudged our way to my little flat in a broken building…waiting to be rebuilt. Jazz at Olive’s Sitar at Saffron… Salads at Eat Around the Corner and all that noise. That loud noise. Jewelry shopping at Aquamarine and Curio (always Curios) Le Pain / Indigo’s / Starbucks… Bombay is a city to eat I said. But it isn’t. It’s a city for me… to hide with M on Yaari Road. To wake up to curtains and shining star. To take an uber “back” somewhere. To cross over the streets now no longer where I grew up. And before I knew it, it was Delhi. Another home now because Bombay is quieter. We drove to Agra and I saw the Taj Mahal. Again. But really for the first time. Because memory is a funny thing. And then it was over. All of it, and I’m back in my real “home”. Where we live. You and I.

2014 Christmas

2015-01-06 17.16.25This year we joined families – M and I. We drove up to Pennsylvania and visited M’s uncle and his family of friends, huddled around the Rockefeller Christmas Tree with my cousins and then drove to Connecticut to exchange gifts while wishing M’s Nani a happy 95th birthday! (Note: Everyone should have the pleasure of clinking wine filled glasses with someone who is celebrating their 95th birthday). On Christmas Eve though, we stopped and stayed at the Oratory Church in Downtown Brooklyn. And just like that, all the noise of New York and every hallmark version of the holiday, became something else. A very merry christmas to everyone!

Try the World: Holiday Box

2014-11-28 12.45.58I have discovered a shopping / food weakness. A bad one at that because it combines two things that ought not to be combined as often as they do in my world. But the only solace is that this particular one seems to be actually worth it. I mean look at that picture. It’s chocolate and I’m trying the world with one of my senses *one that clearly gets abused more than others!

Right, so that brings me to Try The World which is a subscription box sent to your doorstep every two months with goodies from different parts of the world. I’ve tried the Paris Box and of course the Holiday Box (pictured above). M and I are both quite impressed with the items in the box. First of all let us talk cost – for 40$ including shipping – the box isn’t skimping on larger products which I’m sure isn’t as easy as collecting free samples from international vendors. (*hint hint Rz). It’s bringing together a story of food and I especially love the song component where the good folks at Try The World link you to a spotify playlist. Nice touch! Oh did you notice the Aam Papad in the holiday box… that was pretty cute <– not sure if it’s holiday-holiday but still, I appreciated the effort to include an Indian origin product! The link here will give you 30% off your first box (and I believe I get 30% off too if you try it).

A Year In Review

There is something about sending out holiday cards that really puts what you do in to “real perspective”. While my calendar is full of stuff I have done, somehow it doesn’t amount to much in the self-audit I conducted last night. On Saturday Nov 8th, I ordered my holiday cards. I picked ones without personal pictures and didn’t write an essay of things past. In it’s stead, last night I made a different kind of list – of things I wouldn’t do. Like, end of 2015 I will not feel like the year went by in a blur of me running and trying to catch up. I shall work on inner patience and do one thing at a time and learn the art of saying – some other time – and mean it. I think I’ve tried this plenty – but I think last night’s decision was a different feeling. For 2015 I am looking at “meaningful” and the weight of the word in all it’s contexts.


2014-11-27 20.15.33-1We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving for the last five years now. In our apartment, among friends who are family, we watch sappy movies and eat a meal of vegetarian sides. Each year, we’ve been coming up with a theme-word for the evening and this year we went with “bread”… we circled the meal around bread and cheese and added some comfort food elements. The meal in itself was simple and the day was spent in watching movies *back to back only to be followed up with leftovers the day after! An excellent thanksgiving all in all.

Overwhelming Closets

I believe in uniform dressing. I know what I actually wear every day: great coats (warm and structured if possible), large shapeless dresses (that don’t meet seasonal trends of any kind), jumpsuits (never in cotton), pants (often high-waisted or colored), cotton tees (for optimal comfort), and silk blouses (that work with most everything). I overindulge in shoes, bags, jewelry and skincare and rarely wear denim.