What is in a name – Juno?

By now everyone on the North-East corridor of the United States has either been overwhelmed with information about the “historic” storm-to-be or alternatively is wading through inches & inches of snow realizing that the storm is here. The snow-maker/heavy-winds-making-it-painfully-cold-er storm has encouraged the New York City people-in-charge to basically shut down everything. I mean seamless is still going strong, but everything else. We have no subways or busses and we aren’t even allowed to be on the road (I am not complaining)… it’s just fascinating that this is happening in 2015. New York City is in weather-curfew you guys! So naturally I have come across some seriously awesome things that New Yorkers do. For example: 2015-01-27 at 12.12.45 AMthis guy on Craigslist thought it would be a good idea to barter a bag of kale for poetry. Actually, I’m pretty sure CL will eventually delete this seriously amazing writing so I’m going to attach a screenshot to this post. Also in fascinating New York behavior is this article by Business Insider. “New Yorkers are Flocking to Craigslist to find ‘Blizzard Boyfriends’ and Girlfriends.” I’d like me one Blizzard Boyfriend please with attitude on the side. (Genius). There are plenty of serious how-to-prepare articles out there but Buzzfeed went ahead and made a quiz out of it. NYTimes Arts Beat has a list of things-to-watch, read and/or listen. But let’s not forget what is going on with this blizzard / storm situation having a name? Andrew Husband (is that your real name?) answers it at UPROXX (which is apparently a website that reports on “the culture of what’s buzzing”.)


2015-01-01 14.20.48-1The first day of 2015 we grabbed breakfast at the clubhouse in midtown. A + Ner + M + Mother & me, saw the remnants of what remained after the ball dropped in Times Square. There is something kind of creepy-cool about being in an empty-ish times square. (Vanilla Sky anyone?!) We then decided to live on the wild side and zoomed over to Coney Island’s Board Walk. Desserted and kind of freezing … the best I can say is that 2015 began on a reflective note. And this is a good thing!

2014 Christmas

2015-01-06 17.16.25This year we joined families – M and I. We drove up to Pennsylvania and visited M’s uncle and his family of friends, huddled around the Rockefeller Christmas Tree with my cousins and then drove to Connecticut to exchange gifts while wishing M’s Nani a happy 95th birthday! (Note: Everyone should have the pleasure of clinking wine filled glasses with someone who is celebrating their 95th birthday). On Christmas Eve though, we stopped and stayed at the Oratory Church in Downtown Brooklyn. And just like that, all the noise of New York and every hallmark version of the holiday, became something else. A very merry christmas to everyone!


2014-11-27 20.15.33-1We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving for the last five years now. In our apartment, among friends who are family, we watch sappy movies and eat a meal of vegetarian sides. Each year, we’ve been coming up with a theme-word for the evening and this year we went with “bread”… we circled the meal around bread and cheese and added some comfort food elements. The meal in itself was simple and the day was spent in watching movies *back to back only to be followed up with leftovers the day after! An excellent thanksgiving all in all.

Instant Spa Minute

Venelle SpaYesterday was a bit of a fomo-day. (Look at me using Fear Of Missing Out in a sentence like it’s okay!) A was in Boston playing with Shanu and I so wanted to do something indulging (short of simply going up there!)

Enter Fari – bless her and her awesome plans – we ended up at the trusted Venelle Spa and in the hands of Michelle & Annette. After a morning of mostly relaxation (extractions kind of throw relaxation out of the window but whatever) Fari and I explored Space98 where they were filming Knife Fight (?)  at The Gorbals. Side Note – the roof is gorg and has this perfect wood burning smell for the winter! So of course in the mood for pizza (which wasn’t available to us in the wood burning smelling fabulous roof top) we instead found Fornino.

Tuesday hash-tag Winning.

CHFS: Vegetables and Fruits

chfsSo today will be week 4 distribution at the CHFS and my loot is expected to be as follows. *Just FYI – the Sang Lee farm distribution started 2 weeks earlier so they are at week 6.

1 head Iceberg Lettuce
1 bunch Red Romaine
1 head Red Boston Lettuce
1 lb. Green Beans
4 heads Baby Bok Choy
1 head Kolhrabi
2 lbs. Squash
1 pc. Cucumber
1 pc. Summer Garlic

box of blueberries
bunch of rhubarb

I intend on trying my hand at this recipe for an easy blueberry jam. The rhubarb will be a challenge (last year was more of a disaster!)