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India Inspired


Tuesday Things

M & I discovered hot chocolate (discovery of hot chocolate is not a good thing.) So naturally, I want to share this discovery with others. (Obviously, it’s not technically a ‘discovery’ as hot chocolate exists and everyone loves it. But after the closing of Michel Cluizel’s first chocolate shop in ABC Kitchen I had sort of given up on good hot chocolate). Then Aam talked about her and her husband’s saturday ritual and I got interested. This is the kind of thing wise people ought to resist and not be interested in. But I’m not wise.
Enter L.A. Burdick. *mic drop*
Tuesday Things

Try the World: Holiday Box

2014-11-28 12.45.58I have discovered a shopping / food weakness. A bad one at that because it combines two things that ought not to be combined as often as they do in my world. But the only solace is that this particular one seems to be actually worth it. I mean look at that picture. It’s chocolate and I’m trying the world with one of my senses *one that clearly gets abused more than others!

Right, so that brings me to Try The World which is a subscription box sent to your doorstep every two months with goodies from different parts of the world. I’ve tried the Paris Box and of course the Holiday Box (pictured above). M and I are both quite impressed with the items in the box. First of all let us talk cost – for 40$ including shipping – the box isn’t skimping on larger products which I’m sure isn’t as easy as collecting free samples from international vendors. (*hint hint Rz). It’s bringing together a story of food and I especially love the song component where the good folks at Try The World link you to a spotify playlist. Nice touch! Oh did you notice the Aam Papad in the holiday box… that was pretty cute <– not sure if it’s holiday-holiday but still, I appreciated the effort to include an Indian origin product! The link here will give you 30% off your first box (and I believe I get 30% off too if you try it).

Product Review: “Dewy” Foundation

So when Ritz forwarded this YouTube video – I figured I would embark on testing the dewy-ness of the products recommended on myself.
Points to note: *I do not have “good” skin *In fact, I have combination skin with clear dry patches *My Indian skin color means that often I cannot find a good color match in a bottle and have to mix two *Oh, and generally dewy very easily looks greasy on me – so there’s that.
  • Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup <- this was a major hit! It looks dewy without overwhelming my skin. I currently use Tom Ford for my everyday make up and I’m switching over as soon as the bottle is done.
  • Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation <- I tried the pen and not the bottle and I found that I am not such a huge fan of the method of application. I was able to not match my color but I went slightly lighter which actually worked out wonderfully when I paired it with this Kevyn Aucoin miracle product.
  • Chantecaille Future Skin <- Feels lovely but no color match. I tried mixing two and even then it wasn’t looking great on my skin. I mixed in a third color and we got a match but of course it will not work for me on a regular basis. I love the simple packaging though and added bonus is that the product is entirely accessible.
  • YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat <- Really light and melts in to my skin. Which to be honest is not what I’m looking for. I think great for people with good skin who don’t want a lot of coverage. I like a medium coverage foundation.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation <- pending. I haven’t tried this yet.
  • Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation <- I found this a little too heavy for regular use. It kind of looked like not my skin but an airbrushed version of myself. Which is also not good for me! *misleading others pssh!
  • By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Serum Foundation <- pending. I haven’t tried this yet.
Dewy Foundations Recommendations

Cleansing Rituals

So this is what the aesthetician recommended but if one was to do on a daily basis, I think at least for myself, I would need to get up an hour earlier.
I seem to have reached a happy minimum for now… in the mornings I use the EveLom cleanser (insanely lovely and I recommend it highly) and I follow it up with my moisturizers (in the pics it is la mer for face + chanel for eye <– I am finishing up a moisturizer by Himalaya – an Indian brand + a Turkish eye cream that is lasting me far too long!). I also use the Sunday Riley skin oil because I am loving that under the primer. The primer by hourglass is really wonderful and I need to purchase that. Right now however I’m using the Tom Ford primer *also a wonderful product.
In the evening – I’m using an Italian makeup removing cloth that I picked up at the airport and re-found under the sink (so organized!).  I follow it up with the Chanel face wash or the EveLom cleanser (different from the morning one… this one is one extra step with a muslin cloth). I also use the one step by Dr. Dennis Gross (pictured below)… it’s kind of chemically too strong feeling but it does the job of clearing out my skin of day-stuff. I don’t use a toner when I do this. I use the eye treatment for the night and the face oil <– which by the way is my absolutely new favorite thing can you tell?!
Cleansing Rituals